Your Teachers

Mary Howard

Mary is the founder, owner, and manager of New Hampshire Power Yoga, one of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute's first Affiliate Studios. Catch Mary in Baron Baptiste's popular DVD series, Journey Into Power!


It was a regular day at my kids Kung Fu class when out of the blue their teacher suggested I take a Power Yoga Class. He had just returned from Baron Baptiste’s teacher training Bootcamp and was fired up about the practice.  

I was reluctant with all my ideas of what yoga was; a lot of complex poses I didn’t know how to do, strange language, chanting and feeling like I didn’t fit in. I really felt that yoga was a little "out there”, but I was willing to give it another shot.  

Well my world turned around that day 17 years ago. The practice was accessible, it felt good in my body, and was powerful. There was no doubt, butt was kicked, but I knew I had to go back for more.

And I did go back, but it wasn’t easy. The deck was stacked against me. I struggled with anxiety, I was overweight and a smoker, I was dealing with back issues that I'd been told would require surgery. Before class I would be crippled with anxiety so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I would take myself to the far corner of the parking lot and calm my nerves with a cigarette! I told myself I was too fat, it was too hard, too hot, a million reason’s why it wasn’t for me. These feelings lasted a few weeks, and yet I never gave up.

My persistence paid off. I dropped 30 pounds, quit smoking and began to feel unstoppable! I postponed that back surgery for 13 years! Sticking with something that challenged me gave me a whole new way of being. I was called to share the practice with others. 15 years ago New Hampshire Power Yoga was born! I’ve come a long way from that parking lot. I believed in my self, and I believe in you. 

 Mary is a 500 hour Baptiste Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance 500 E-RYT. 

Mary Williams

Mary has been practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga for 15 years. After a couple of years she decided she wanted to share this transformational and powerful practice with everyone!  Mary has benefited personally from this style of yoga by having less frequent migraine headaches, virtually eliminating nagging back pain and greatly diminishing her asthma symptoms. “It keeps me well balanced and happy! I love sharing this incredible practice with everyone who steps into this amazing studio. It will change your life for the better in so many ways! The students who come to this studio are truly inspiring to me and I am always learning from them. Come in and breathe, sweat, be challenged and have fun and open yourself up to great possibilities."

She has completed her 200 RYT with Certified Baptiste teacher, Mary Howard at the Baptiste-affiliate studio, NH Power Yoga. Other trainings to her credit are, The Teachers Personal Revolution: Foundations of Mastery in Action, with Baron Baptiste and The Baptiste Art of Assisting Training with Master Baptiste teachers Brandon Compagnone and Paige Elenson. 

Kim Johnson

Inspired by Mary Howard, Kim began practicing Baptiste yoga in 2001. “I ran into Mary one day and noticed immediately a transformation. I asked what she had been doing and she responded “yoga”. Then right there in Macy’s shoe department, she went into Crow pose. I was sold. A week later, I attended my first Baptiste class and here I am 17 years later”.

A mother of 5 children, Kim became a dedicated practitioner as a means of dealing with the stresses of raising a large family. “It was love at first sight for me. From my first experience on the mat, I was hooked. Initially, it was about the physicality of yoga, but as my practice evolved, it was where I found peace and tranquility…a true lifestyle shift”.

Kim pursued teacher training through the Yoga Alliance. She has an RYT -200 certification with A Yoga Practice/Sylvia Clement and continues to accumulate hours toward RYT-500. She is also certified with Yogafit, PiYo, Yoga, Breath and Movement, Balanced Athlete, Broga, etc. On-going trainings include Baptiste workshops, Anatomy, Sequencing, Assisting, etc. She is also a Reiki practitioner.

“I am passionate about yoga and am honored to share the gift of yoga with the students of New Hampshire Power Yoga, a place I call my second home. I feel blessed to be a part of this community of yogis. ~Namaste!"

Meghan McDonald

Meghan began practicing yoga in college as a way to gain increased flexibility, strength and inner peace. Meghan trained under Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Master Teacher Bill Raup at Power Yoga Works in Philadelphia. Committed to continuing her education, Meghan has completed Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste and Prana Power Yoga Assistant Training.  

Meghan’s classes embrace challenge—arm balances, inversions and core work—and laughter, all presented in an accessible and playful way. Discover a balance between challenging your mind and body, playing with your edge and finding space and serenity on your mat—one breath at a time!

Christina Dussault

Christina first tried yoga at NHPY when she was in high school and was hooked after just one class. What started as a hobby purely for physical benefit became a lifestyle for her, and after six years of dedicated practice, she knew it was time to take the next step and start teaching. She’s completed Levels 1 & 2, Art of Assisting, and Advanced Art of Assisting with the Baptiste Institute and is a 200 HR Certified Baptiste Teacher.  Currently, Christina is working towards completing the necessary requirements for 500-hour certification.

Christina leads a spirited, high energy class that leaves students empowered both on and off the mat. "Leading and mentoring others is something I’m extremely passionate about, and I am honored to have the opportunity to share what I love with all of you at NHPY. I’m a firm believer that we are all truly limitless, and that our power is already here, ready and waiting, for us to make that inner connection and really open up to life’s possibilities.”

Debbie Balise

Debbie's journey into the practice of yoga began in 2001. Her interest in health and fitness started in her 20’s and by the time she reached her 30's, she was craving more of a mind-body connection. This led her to Pilates and then yoga, where her teacher encouraged her to become an instructor. Yoga offered me not only the mind-body connection that she was seeking but gave her the incredible gift of self-acceptance and joy of being.

This joy has only deepened since immersing into the Baptiste Methodology several years ago. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga has opened her mind and my heart to what is possible in her practice and life. "The values of service and community resonate deeply with me and I love that by teaching this amazing practice, I am able to share these values and I feel as if I am making a difference in my corner of the world."

Debbie has enjoyed learning from many leaders in the Baptiste community, including Gregor Singleton, Coeli Marsh, Rolf Gates, and Lisa Taylor. She has completed the Art of Assisting with Brandon Campagnone, Level 1 with Baron, Level 2 with Paige Elenson and continues enjoying her path towards an ever deepening knowledge of the Baptiste Methodology.

Gail Duval

Gail Duval is an Experienced Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. In addition to guiding vigorous Baptiste Yoga classes at NH Power Yoga, Gail offers her experience as a Devine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher so that our students can experience the healing benefits of conscious deep relaxation.

Gail’s sprint to yoga occurred during her father’s serious life threatening illness. Care giving can take a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. Practicing yoga supported her through the many layers of love, loss, and grief.

Through the practice of yoga, Gail discovered her dharma and realized she could give her sorrow meaning. Using Mindful Yoga Therapy tools and Yoga 4 Cancer methodology, she offers yoga to support patients and caregivers at Home Health & Hospice where she is currently a volunteer.

Gail earned Yoga Instructor Certification from The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute founded by Beryl Bender Birch a highly regarded and well-known yoga teacher in the United States.

Karen Cerato

Karen Cerato brings an extensive background as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Baptiste- trained yoga teacher and a licensed Occupational Therapist specializing in physical rehabilitation. Utilizing these trainings and decades of hands-on experience, Karen uniquely and intuitively guides and adapts her yoga classes for students with all levels of experience as well as provides a deep spirituality and energetic component that is inherent in each class she teaches.

Gen Mackenzie

Gen Mackenzie is ERYT200 and RYT500 (Rolf Gates, Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti). She teaches a well-balanced class with a focus on delivering strength and flexibility for both body and mind. She is known for her fun choreography and eclectic music selection.

“Yoga is a lifelong journey and my own experience has taught me that the challenges presented have the potential to lead to amazing growth. I use my own practice to quiet down enough to see the new path presented to me”

Gen is dedicated to bringing yoga to those in recovery. She recently completed the Y12SR Teacher Training, a program that integrates yoga and The 12 Steps. When she isn't at the studio, she can be found outside on a walk, or leading yoga classes with her friends in the recovery community.

Gail Angellis

Gail began her yoga journey many years ago with a video by Rodney Yee. 

The former owner of the Jazzercise Fitness Center in Nashua, Gail has always found the inspiration to maintain fitness but was unable to find the body/mind/spirit connection that she felt with yoga. Since then, she has experimented with many different classes but found her passion right here at NHPY.

Gail trained exclusively with Mary and Bob Howard and received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification with Edge Power Yoga.

“Yoga has changed my life. My mind, my body, my breath, and my spirit are all fully connected and engaged. There’s nothing better than living in the present moment and yoga helps me achieve that!” Now Gail looks forward to sharing her joy, her knowledge and her inspiration with other student yogi’s and plans to begin training with Baron Baptiste in the near future.

A trained actor and company member of TheatreKapow in Derry, NH, Gail also participates in stage combat at every available opportunity and has studied at Bay State Fencers in Boston. “The correlation between theater and yoga is incredible. It’s all about awareness of your body, your breath, your space—and trusting yourself. I can’t imagine doing one without the other. The foundations of both disciplines are interchangeable.”

Being the mother of two teenage girls, yoga helps tremendously with managing schedules, stress, and all the drama that kids today bring to the table. She encourages everyone she meets to try yoga, but not just once! “Commit to a 30-day program and your life will change!"

Gail looks forward to sharing her joy, her knowledge and her inspiration with other yogis.

Anna Shoov

Anna is an extraordinary woman living a regular life and has found a balance in that life through her yoga practice. She offers her students the joy of movement that is sourced from her experience as a dancer. She has combined the philosophies of yoga and a potent physical practice that encourages students to find their own understanding and balance in their lives. If breath is the music of Life, Yoga is the dance.
If the breath is the music of Life, Yoga is the dance.
Anna believes that nothing is better than right now, this body, at this moment, and that is all you truly need to be content!
Anna received her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification from HYP Studio in Needham, MA.  Anna has also completed Level One Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste as well as Baptiste Institute's Art of Assisting program. She received Yin Yoga training under the guidance of Joshua Summers.


Bob Howard

Bob reluctantly attended his 1st yoga class, after many months of urging from his wife Mary. As a gift to her on their anniversary, he said yes.

"Like many men (and women for that matter), I had a perception of attending a Yoga class, that certainly DID NOT line-up well with my fitness and athletic interests. Boy was that perception wrong! Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga is a brilliant all-body workout. I developed real upper, lower and core body strength, while simultaneously lengthening my muscles, improving overall flexibility and increasing cardiovascular health. All of that delivered in a format that will actually surpass the mental charge many of us get from extreme sports or intense fitness activities!"

A Ski Instructor and long-time sports & fitness enthusiast, Bob received his teacher training from Baron Baptiste. After a successful 20 years in high tech, a twist of fate gave him the opportunity to take some time off from his profession and dive deeper into his newfound passion.

"If you had told me 15 years ago that I would become a regular yoga practitioner, let alone a yoga teacher, I would have thought you were crazy! Now once I start talking about yoga, you can't stop me. My friends joke that if I ran across someone needing help fixing a flat tire, I'd tell them they need to practice yoga."

Jen Morabito

Jen began practicing Baptiste yoga in her hometown of Binghamton, NY. She pulled out a turquoise mat from her basement and a funky beach towel (for the sweat she was told that would come) and headed to Day 1’s practice of Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into – how much she would struggle on all levels, and most importantly, she wasn’t expecting the insane amount of personal growth she’d encounter, or that she’d ultimately ‘wake up’ to life and herself through it. Six months into her practice, she signed up for her RYT 200-hour, and stepped into the role as an instructor six months after that.

Before yoga, her interests had always aligned with wellness, and helping others surrounded by a level of exploration and openness. She studied a M.Sc. in Health and Human Performance, played Division 1 Women’s Basketball, then continued playing, and began coaching and mentoring teens during a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland, working with the foundation group, Sport Changes Life.

When she was offered a Marketing job here in NH, she immediately needed to make sure there was a Baptiste Affiliate studio – and after seeing “NH Power Yoga” pop up first on her search, she had the confirmation that making this move was the right one. Yoga and this crazy universe told her to choose growth and move, begin teaching, and continue taking action forward. Yoga is clearly a passion, way of life, and platform where she has found, and witnessed others awakening to the infinite possibilities for growth. “I’ve been so grateful for where I am because of yoga, and so inspired by the stories of others concerning how yoga has impacted them in their lives. Because of this, I’ve created a yoga photography blog called ‘The Self Stories’ – get involved, and follow along as I tell the journeys of yoga practitioners like you!”


Tracie Murphy

Life gets busy, and we tend to live each day anticipating the next. In yoga, we have a chance to slow down, be in the moment, get out of our own way, and find peace. I truly believe everyone needs yoga in their life. After years of practice on my mat, and sharing my yoga philosophy and passion with everyone I meet, I decided to take the next step. Yoga has taught me, among other things, that anything is possible. RYT 200-hr Certified, and honored to guide you in your personal transformation on and off your mat. It’s a pleasure to join the NHPY team. Tracie-xo