Mary Williams

“My daughter got me into doing yoga 14 or 15 years ago. Before that, I never really trusted my intuition, and wasn’t confident in many aspects of my life. Those are a couple things that yoga helped a lot with: being more comfortable in my skin, and trusting my intuition.

My husband noticed a change in me since I started practicing. He noticed that I was less nervous and anxious about day-to-day things like getting lost while driving- and I used to get really anxious and stressed out in those situations! I always remember this one particular time we were driving and he said, ‘Since you’ve been doing yoga, you’ve been real more relaxed and seem like you feel more comfortable with yourself’. That was kind of cool that he noticed it, and pointed it out.

The story of how I got into teaching is funny. We were friends with Bob and Mary (owners of NH Power Yoga) and went to their wedding when they got married. Years later, we ended up in the same town not knowing it and then I started going to NH Power Yoga and well, decided I wanted to teach!

So, they had been looking to train somebody to instruct with them because they were the only ones, and I kept waiting and waiting for the new teacher to come, but no one came. Finally, I asked them about it, and that turned into me teaching for 13 years now ever since. There’s no turning back, and it’s been so, so wonderful.

 What I enjoy most about teaching is watching the students. I enjoy the changes that they actually see in themselves when they practice. Watching them in it is so rewarding. So many people walk out of NH Power Yoga so grateful for the practice. Whether it is stress related, emotional or physical, there’s so many people who benefit in so many different ways. It’s amazing to me that I’m able to teach, and provide the space for our students to experience that. It’s pretty cool.

From time to time I still can’t believe the job that I have. It’s so rewarding to give. The community at that studio is so awesome! People love it here, and everybody’s so friendly, like-minded, and they all make really good friends.”

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