Mary Howard

Mary is the founder, owner, and manager of New Hampshire Power Yoga, one of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute's first Affiliate Studios. Catch Mary in Baron Baptiste's popular DVD series, Journey Into Power!


It was a regular day at my kids Kung Fu class when out of the blue their teacher suggested I take a Power Yoga Class. He had just returned from Baron Baptiste’s teacher training Bootcamp and was fired up about the practice.  

I was reluctant with all my ideas of what yoga was; a lot of complex poses I didn’t know how to do, strange language, chanting and feeling like I didn’t fit in. I really felt that yoga was a little "out there”, but I was willing to give it another shot.  

Well my world turned around that day 17 years ago. The practice was accessible, it felt good in my body, and was powerful. There was no doubt, butt was kicked, but I knew I had to go back for more.

And I did go back, but it wasn’t easy. The deck was stacked against me. I struggled with anxiety, I was overweight and a smoker, I was dealing with back issues that I'd been told would require surgery. Before class I would be crippled with anxiety so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I would take myself to the far corner of the parking lot and calm my nerves with a cigarette! I told myself I was too fat, it was too hard, too hot, a million reason’s why it wasn’t for me. These feelings lasted a few weeks, and yet I never gave up.

My persistence paid off. I dropped 30 pounds, quit smoking and began to feel unstoppable! I postponed that back surgery for 13 years! Sticking with something that challenged me gave me a whole new way of being. I was called to share the practice with others. 15 years ago New Hampshire Power Yoga was born! I’ve come a long way from that parking lot. I believed in my self, and I believe in you. 

 Mary is a 500 hour Baptiste Certified Teacher, Yoga Alliance 500 E-RYT. 

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