Jen Morabito

Jen began practicing Baptiste yoga in her hometown of Binghamton, NY. She pulled out a turquoise mat from her basement and a funky beach towel (for the sweat she was told that would come) and headed to Day 1’s practice of Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into – how much she would struggle on all levels, and most importantly, she wasn’t expecting the insane amount of personal growth she’d encounter, or that she’d ultimately ‘wake up’ to life and herself through it. Six months into her practice, she signed up for her RYT 200-hour, and stepped into the role as an instructor six months after that.

Before yoga, her interests had always aligned with wellness, and helping others surrounded by a level of exploration and openness. She studied a M.Sc. in Health and Human Performance, played Division 1 Women’s Basketball, then continued playing, and began coaching and mentoring teens during a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland, working with the foundation group, Sport Changes Life.

When she was offered a Marketing job here in NH, she immediately needed to make sure there was a Baptiste Affiliate studio – and after seeing “NH Power Yoga” pop up first on her search, she had the confirmation that making this move was the right one. Yoga and this crazy universe told her to choose growth and move, begin teaching, and continue taking action forward. Yoga is clearly a passion, way of life, and platform where she has found, and witnessed others awakening to the infinite possibilities for growth. “I’ve been so grateful for where I am because of yoga, and so inspired by the stories of others concerning how yoga has impacted them in their lives. Because of this, I’ve created a yoga photography blog called ‘The Self Stories’ – get involved, and follow along as I tell the journeys of yoga practitioners like you!”


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