Carrie Chojnowski

Carrie tried her first yoga class about 15 years ago as a way to manage the stresses of medical school. She remembers feeling out of place and very in awe of all these people around her who seemed so centered, grounded, and (WAY) more flexible than she was. This is where her yoga journey began and it took her through multiple disciplines (she thinks she may have tried them all!) before finally landing at New Hampshire Power Yoga. Since NHPY she has found that her passion for yoga aligns deeply with the Baptiste philosophy; she has such appreciation for the combination of breath work, vinyasa flow, heat, and methodology. Initially she had a practice that was very based upon comparison (that person is a “better” yogi than me), but she is grateful to say that after her twins were born in 2014 what she brought to her mat changed: fearlessness, playfulness, and stamina that she had never before experienced. She no longer compared herself to others and no longer felt self-conscious about what others might think. What she took away from her physical practice changed: peace, calm, and an emotional grounding that she had never gotten elsewhere. Over the past several years her yoga practice has become expansive. She practices in the studio and at home. She practices for a minute or for two hours. She practices on and off the mat. She practices when she can with what she has. She loves that the discipline of practice allows for access to the best version of her self.

Carrie has completed Baptiste Level 1&2 training, Advanced Art of Assisting, and Being of Power. She is currently working on completing the requirements for her Baptiste 300-hour certification as well as her RYT 200-hour designation.

“There was a time that I was always trying to outdo myself and others on my mat. Now, my favorite part of yoga is that I have is no destination; I will never reach the "pinnacle” of practice because there is no such thing. I will always be practicing, learning, and growing in yoga and as a human being. As a yoga teacher I look forward to giving back to the community that has given me so much.”

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