Bob Howard

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Bob reluctantly attended his 1st yoga class, after many months of urging from his wife Mary. As a gift to her on their anniversary, he said yes.

"Like many men (and women for that matter), I had a perception of attending a Yoga class, that certainly DID NOT line-up well with my fitness and athletic interests. Boy was that perception wrong! Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga is a brilliant all-body workout. I developed real upper, lower and core body strength, while simultaneously lengthening my muscles, improving overall flexibility and increasing cardiovascular health. All of that delivered in a format that will actually surpass the mental charge many of us get from extreme sports or intense fitness activities!"

A Ski Instructor and long-time sports & fitness enthusiast, Bob received his teacher training from Baron Baptiste. After a successful 20 years in high tech, a twist of fate gave him the opportunity to take some time off from his profession and dive deeper into his newfound passion.

"If you had told me 15 years ago that I would become a regular yoga practitioner, let alone a yoga teacher, I would have thought you were crazy! Now once I start talking about yoga, you can't stop me. My friends joke that if I ran across someone needing help fixing a flat tire, I'd tell them they need to practice yoga."

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